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Welcome to Rebus, where TradFi and DeFi come hand in hand, an intersection bringing the two worlds together.

Investment in crypto assets is bound to grow, and naturally more people are turning to their traditional financial institutions expecting crypto services to be available. That’s where we come in, we'll assist in building the best crypto products possible for conventional financial establishments.

Upgrade (Ubuntu/Debian)

Wen upgrade, ser?

Since you are using Cosmovisor, you can do this as soon as the upgrade has been announced. No need to wait for the upgrade block! Cosmovisor will monitor the chain and start the new version when it's time.

Compile and install latest rebusd

cd $HOME
rm -rf rebus.core
git clone https://github.com/rebuschain/rebus.core.git
cd rebus.core

# Compile version v0.3.0
git checkout v0.3.0
make build -B
mkdir -p $HOME/.rebusd/cosmovisor/upgrades/v0.3.0/bin
mv build/rebusd $HOME/.rebusd/cosmovisor/upgrades/v0.3.0/bin/

Sit back and relax

That's it! Now you can wait for the upgrade block. When it happens, Cosmovisor should detect in and launch the new version. You will be up and running in under a minute normally.

If you want to monitor things, keep an eye on the logs:

sudo journalctl -u rebusd -f --no-hostname -o cat