Upgrade proposal detected

Crescent Crescent

Crescent is to provide a connected DeFi functionality for Cosmos Ecosystem to enhance capital efficiency and manage risk effectively.

It focuses on the three main functionalities;

* Crescent DEX
* Crescent Boost
* Crescent Derivatives

Crescent Network will commit to, and evolve toward embodiment of the following objectives:

* Providing a marketplace for multi-chain assets with capital-efficient liquidity incentivization
* Securing a cross-chain collateralization protocol for users to effectively manage risks of their portfolio

An array of utilities will be built by the team and perfected by the community through governance, each embracing the core fundamentals of the network.

Upgrade (Ubuntu/Debian)

Wen upgrade, ser?

Since you are using Cosmovisor, you can do this as soon as the upgrade has been announced. No need to wait for the upgrade block! Cosmovisor will monitor the chain and start the new version when it's time.

Compile and install latest crescentd

cd $HOME
rm -rf crescent
git clone https://github.com/crescent-network/crescent
cd crescent

# Compile version v2.1.0
git checkout v2.1.0
make build -B
mkdir -p $HOME/.crescent/cosmovisor/upgrades/v2.0.0/bin
mv build/crescentd $HOME/.crescent/cosmovisor/upgrades/v2.0.0/bin/

Sit back and relax

That's it! Now you can wait for the upgrade block. When it happens, Cosmovisor should detect in and launch the new version. You will be up and running in under a minute normally.

If you want to monitor things, keep an eye on the logs:

sudo journalctl -u crescentd -f --no-hostname -o cat